CCSC Regional Treasurer Instructions

Instructions for Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (CCSC) regional treasurers

CCSC Treasurer

You can find contact information for current officers at

General Duties

  1. Work with conference chair to prepare conference budget when the new chair/location is chosen.
  2. Share the last few years of conference budgets with the new chair once the chair/location is announced.
  3. Submit next year’s conference budget (draft) to CCSC Comptroller several weeks before your current regional conference.
  4. Submit next year’s conference budget (final) to CCSC Comptroller the week following your current regional conference.
  5. At the planning meeting about three months before this year’s regional conference, decide on student prizes.
  6. After the planning meeting, email the CCSC Treasurer a list of gift cards / denominations needed for planned student prizes.
  7. Approve expenditures, placing them in the appropriate budget category.
  8. Monitor expenditures, making sure expenditures are covered by the budgeted amount.
    • If an item exceeds a budgeted item, explain to the CCSC Treasurer how the item is to be covered, either by using another budgeted amount or by additional income received than budgeted.
    • You do not need to explain additional expenses due to increases in registrations for those items tied to registration, such as head tax and meals (or other items you have listed as a cost per registrant.)
    • Also, any amount over your budget for extra meals and proceedings will automatically cover any additional expenses for meals or for proceedings.

Before the Conference

Receiving Payments

Day of the Conference

After The Conference

Required Classification of Expenses

The IRS is requiring additional information in our annual return. The CCSC Treasurer must be able to place all expenditures into one of three categories (tax exempt expenditures, fund-raising, or administration.) For regional conferences, any expenses directly related to the conference would fall under the tax exempt category. This includes all expenses for conducting the conference, soliciting speakers and papers for the conference, and preparing the proceedings. Fund-raising or publicity would include all expenses related to getting people to attend the conference. (All expenses that result after anyone has registered would fall under the tax exempt category.) Administrative expenses are those related to running the organization, such as committee meetings and communication expenses among the committee and with any national officer. (Web expenses will be divided equally between the exempt and fundraising categories.) If you are not sure where to classify a particular item, just tell the CCSC Treasurer as much about the expense as possible and they will classify it.

Disbursing Funds

The procedure for the CCSC Treasurer to disburse funds is as follows:

  1. The CCSC Treasurer can only disburse funds (except for advances to a college or university or a deposit to a supplier) on the receipt of an invoice (for which they can only pay the company issuing the invoice), a travel reimbursement form, or a personal reimbursement form. (Current versions of these are available at
  2. Payments to individuals will be made only to reimburse for expenses for which receipts are submitted (except as allowed on the forms.) The only two exceptions to this are honoraria to speakers and paper/poster/programming contest awards; however these persons will need to submit an appropriate form (a request for payment or receipt for cash, check, or gift card.) The IRS requires that we report any funds that we disburse to any person who is not a US citizen or resident.
  3. Any reimbursement for travel must be submitted on a travel reimbursement form with the person receiving the reimbursement completing the second tab and the conference chair completing the third tab.
  4. The CCSC Treasurer will need your approval of each amount before they can disburse the funds. Let all persons who may need to be reimbursed know about the appropriate forms and the need for your approval. They can e-mail the CCSC Treasurer a pdf of the appropriate form and should copy you. Your approval needs to state the name of the person/organization, the amount, and the budget categories into which it fits.
  5. The CCSC Treasurer will need the address, phone number (if a check is requested), and e-mail address of the payee to be on the forms.
  6. The CCSC Treasurer would prefer to receive electronic copies of the form. Forms can either be submitted to you and you can forward them on to the CCSC Treasurer with your approval, or they can be submitted to both you and the CCSC Treasurer by e-mail where you will follow up with an e-mailed approval. Forms can also be mailed or faxed to the CCSC Treasurer.
  7. We are not registered as an employer; thus we cannot disburse funds to individuals (except invoiced amounts from independent contractors) for services rendered. The CCSC Treasurer cannot reimburse any person for such payments that they make. Services must be invoiced directly to the CCSC Treasurer.

Make sure those associated with your region are aware of these policies.

Awarding Prizes

Coordinators of the student contests (e.g. programming, poster, and paper contests), will need to gather forms from the prize-winners when they distribute the gift card prizes. For copies of the required forms, see <>.

Coordiators must get the necessary forms before gift cards can be awarded.

Some regions determine the prize amounts at the meeting about 3 months before the conference. Email the treasurer with a list of gift cards and denominations and they will provide the cards.

If asked, the CCSC Treasurer will order gift cards for use as prizes. If your conference chooses to award gift cards, this reimbursement is accomplished (as for other purcheses) via the usual expense reimbursement forms. For each disbursement at the conference (whether by cash, check, or gift card), a receipt signed by the recipient must be submitted to the student contest coordinator, who will then submit the complete set to the CCSC Treasurer.

The Consortium has several credit cards which can be used to pay for expenses. You will need to authorize such uses. Provide contact information for the CCSC Treasurer to call the company with the numbers and the authorization to use the card.

Proof of Non-Profit

If someone needs a W-9 form or the EIN from the Consortium, forward the request to the CCSC Treasurer. If you handle it, you may end up with a 1099 form which may result in an IRS audit. The CCSC Treasurer needs to be informed of all deposits made, along with a report that explains the source of the funds.

Cash Registrations

Paying for conference registrations with cash is discouraged; we recommend you do not allow cash payments. If you choose to allow cash, cash received at the conference can be used for prizes or any small reimbursements, but receipts must be submitted and a report of the source and disbursements of the cash must be submitted to the CCSC Treasurer and to the Membership Secretary.

Cash received must either be deposited in a Consortium account or converted into a check and sent to the Associate Treasurer with the notation that the amount was cash received.


All checks should be made payable to CCSC and deposited in a Consortium account. We are subject to strict fines for not fully reporting all our income and expenses.

Funds received should be deposited or sent to the Associate Treasurer (contact the CCSC Treasurer for address if needed) within thirty days of receipt.

If you receive a purchase order for payment, you can submit it to the CCSC Treasurer for invoicing; the CCSC Treasurer will inform you and the Registrar when payment is received. (Do not submit POs that are accompanied by a check; inform the CCSC Treasurer if you receive payment before the conference.)

For each deposit you make, the CCSC Treasurer needs a PDF of the deposit slip and a spreadsheet similar to the PayPal confirmed deposit spreadsheets that the CCSC Treasurer will send you and the Registrar in any months in which your conference receives a PayPal payment.

If your deposit contains any registration funds, a copy of the spreadsheet needs to be sent to the Membership Secretary. (This information must also be given to your Regional Registrar. You can add whatever data you or the conference needs to the spreadsheet; the CCSC Treasurer will ignore the extra information.)

Contact the CCSC Treasurer if you have any questions or need additional information.