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March 05, 2017

The 23rd International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems, Visual Languages and Sentient Systems (DMSVLSS2017) will be held July 7-8, 2017 at the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center, Pittsburgh, USA.

Topics of interest include:

Agent Conferences

February 16, 2017

Some key conferences related to engineering multiagent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and complex collaborative systems.

Enabling Contact Forms with Node.js, NodeMailer, and MailGun

October 08, 2016

Node.js makes it easy to add a working contact form to your website.

Exploring Maryville

September 20, 2016

Some fun things to do and see in Maryville, Missouri.

Learning JavaScript with User Interaction

September 15, 2016

JavaScript makes it easy to build client-side apps while learning programming fundamentals such as control structures, functions, and argument passing.

Learning JavaScript with QUnit

September 11, 2016

QUnit is a JavaScript unit testing framework that makes it easy to start learning good unit testing practices while learning JavaScript.


August 27, 2016

Simple HTML5 and JavaScript project to create groups of students in a course site or section.