Learning JavaScript with User Interaction

JavaScript makes it easy to build client-side apps while learning programming fundamentals such as control structures, functions, and argument passing.

The Demo

View the demo.

Import the code

Go to your BitBucket cloud hosting profile. From the main menu, click Repositories / Import Repository.

Set the “old URL” to https://bitbucket.org/professorcase/w03. Set the new repo name to w03 and import.

This copies the original cloud-based repo into your own cloud-based repo.

Copy your w03 URL to your clipboard.

Clone your repo to your local machine

If you’re running Windows, install Git for Windows and TortoiseGit.

Right-click on your C:\44563 folder and click Git Clone.

In the URL field, paste your w03 repo URL and click OK.

Working with the code

Or use a light-weight integrated development environment like Visual Studio Code. Right-click on your local w03 folder and click “Open with Code”.

If you don’t see this option, reinstall Visual Studio code and check the option to add this to your context menu in Windows.


Practice working with HTML elements in code, writing functions, and various control structures.

Fix, modify, or alter the application to create a completely different application.